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AL RAMIZ, in a short period of time has gained valuable reputation due the quality service provided by our team of professionals who have more than 25 years of experience in this field.
 Motor Rewinding
 AL RAMIZ, Services include complete testing failure analysis, stator rewinds, Rewinding /  Repairing of AC and DC motors and also upgrades of motor windings.
     Basic reconditioning
     Stator rewinds
     Electrical testing
     Stator and rotor core restack
     Armature & wound rotor rewind
     Bearing replacement
     Rotor shift maintenance, balancing and servicing
     Rotor bar repair/replacement
 Transformer Rewinding
 Our transformer rewinding services includes :
     On-site testing and consultation
     De-commissioning and transportation to our workshop
     De-tanking of transformer core
     Removal of damaged coils
     Rewinding as per specifications
     Delivery, installation, testing and commissioning
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