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We offer BDV (Breakdown Voltage) test of transformer fluids. Using oil quality, we provide diagnosis of the fluid condition and functional health of the following equipments:
 Transformer Testing
Our skilled testing engineers are equipped with the latest electrical testing equipments and provide onsite testing of your transformers. We specialize in the following transformer tests:
     Tan Delta & Resistivity Testing for Transformer Oil
     Acceptance Testing
     SFRA - Sweep Frequency Response Analysis
     Tan Delta & Capacitance Measurements for Windings and Bushings
 CT Analyzer
We use the latest CT test equipments to perform testing on your current transformers.
     CT current ratio
     Knee point voltage
     Winding polarity
     CT excitation
 Overhead Line Testing
AL RAMIZ has a wide range of testing equipments to perform OHL testing on up to 400kV systems. Our testing team is well equipped and qualified to undertake OHL tests like:
     Susceptance Test
     Zero Sequence Impendence
     Phasing / Phase Rotation
     Conductor resistance
     Insulation resistance
     Positive and Negative sequence impendence
 Switchgear Testing
 Our MV, LV and EHV level testing, maintenance, trouble-shooting and inspection services include:
     High potential testing on cables
     Protective Relay calibration
     Insulation power factor Testing
     High voltage test up to 120 KV AC
     Bus bars
     Voltage transformers
     Transformer and OCB oil work
     Complete functional Testing
     Current transformer Saturation, connections and Polarity
     Control Wire function Checkout
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